14 Coupons


14 Anytime group classes to use within 3 months, a really flexible membership. Simply come along whenever you can! if you wanna learn to fly, join Aerial Classes with 2 Coupons.

For those who want to practice more than 2 sessions a  week, we highly recommend selecting the Unlimited Sessions  package

 Call 07 5549478 or email us at enquiry@ompeace.com.my to  find out more!




Duration1 Hour per session ( Aerial Yoga is 1.15 hour)
Validity 3 Months
Course FeeMYR 168.00
No. of Member Individual
New Membership FeeRM 40
Yoga Series √ (1 Coupon for each Session)
Fitness Series √ (1 Coupon for each Session)
Dance Series √ (1 Coupon for each Session)
Aerial Series √ (2 Coupon for each Session at REGISTERED STUDIO ONLY)


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