8 Simple Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

8 Simple Yoga Poses for Better Sleep



1. Legs up the wall

If you have trouble falling asleep, put your legs up the wall and hold this position for 5-10 minutes. Make sure your eyes are closed and your mind is clear, otherwise you won’t get a desirable result.



2. Reclining butterfly

Even if you don’t practice yoga at all, you can perform this pose with little to no effort. In my opinion, this is the easiest sleep-improving yoga pose that is ideal for everyone. Lie down on your back, bring your feet together and splay out your knees in a diamond.


3. Seated spinal twist

The seated spinal twist helps to relieve lower back pain and relax the whole body. Even though this yoga pose seems to be too simple, it has many health benefits, not to mention that it’s totally easy to perform. Just sit on the floor or the bed with both your legs stretched. Keep your right leg bent over your left leg and vice versa.



4. Corpse pose

Corpse pose is typically the last pose done in most yoga classes. This pose is known as final relaxation and can be performed before bedtime too. Corpse pose helps to reduce tension in the body and clear the mind from worries and intrusive thoughts. Perform it regularly to start to see yourself sleep better



5. Straight leg raise

Perhaps, you’ve already noticed that yoga poses that improve sleep are simple and affordable. The next pose is no exception. The straight leg raise is a favorite exercise of kids, and mine actually.



6. Plow pose

Staying in this position for at least one minute can significantly improve your sleep. Plow pose isn’t as easy as the reclining butterfly pose, but it’s possible to learn how to perform it correctly in a matter of a few hours. Lying down on the back, raise your legs over the head and then to the floor behind you. Keep your hands either on the floor or on your back for support .



7. Child’s pose

After a long, stressing and super busy day, all you want is to relax and forget about your worries. Child’s pose has been shown to help people fall asleep faster and sleep better. Place your knees against the floor. Your arms should be extended or by the sides while your forehead should be against the ground. Hold this position for at least 5 minutes.



8. Standing forward bend

This yoga pose isn’t the best option for beginners. It takes a bit practice and time to perform the standing forward bend pose easily without any harm to your health. Stand with your feet slightly apart, fold your torso to the floor, bend your arms and grab opposite hand to opposite elbow. Of course, you don’t have to perform exactly how it’s needed, but try to do it as shown in the picture above.