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    靜心 . 幸福手作教室

    提供手作教室出租 提供舒適親善的手作教室空間,出租給每位想分享手作課程的您,歡迎手作导师租借。

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[PEACE] tips to transform your life

  1. Begin a daily breathing practice to cleanse your mind the way you cleanse your body.
  2. Take good care of your body with water, nourishing foods, movement and rest — it is the only home you have for your soul on this earth
  3. Learn something new like yoga,zumba or bellydance
  4. Surrender your fears and judgments to a higher power — your divine mind, the Universe, your higher self, whatever you believe in — and ask to see and think with love.
  5. Give yourself permission to play more and have fun. Laughter and play
  6. Yogic sleep like there’s no tomorrow